Warbird, war plane photographer Richard King

I have been taking photographs since the age of ten. But my first passion, the one that really got me into photography, was photographing war planes or as they are commonly referred to now "warbirds". 

A neighbor started taking me to Airshows at Biggin Hill airfield. Biggin was a Battle of Britain station and has been in active use ever since. There used to be two shows a year: a "commercial" show in May and the "Battle of Britain" show in September (which would be the largest in Europe). As far as the machines went the only real difference was that Short Brothers of Belfast would display their commercial aircraft in the May show. 

For many years I had forgotten my first passion and focussed on Landscapes, Seascapes, Cityscapes and Waterscapes, but now I am fully reinfected with the warbird bug! Largely thanks to the famous nature photographer Moose Peterson. 

I now live in the USA and visit Airshows in the USA and Canada.